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A member of the Monolithic antifurry conspiracy, Ranshiin is the current alias of Tensai Nezumi, one of the two founding members of Eat All Furries. Residing in the Michiana area of the United States, Ranshiin is known for holding a deep fascination with both rats and dragons.

In the past, Ranshiin has also used the aliases Nogitsune, Spooky the Love Dragon, and Darth Bootylicious. She currently administrates the Eat All Furries message board under the name of Nivalis Capistrum. She also maintains fansites for Freya Crescent, a character from the Final Fantasy series of games, and Legendz: Tale of the Dragon Kings, which is an anime series from Japan. Additionally, she can be found on the Otherkin website Draconic as user Tecumseh.

Ranshiin suffers from an affliction known as pica, and she has been known to eat raw eggs, as well as her own clothing. Despite this setback, she enjoys some popularity in the world of amateur bodybuilding. She earns her living by working as an OTR truck driver.

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