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Rabbitdude the owner of the fursona Salem Adams Kusanaga. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon. He is Bisexual, in real life and online.

He was one of many furs in the area that was planning a convention in the Portland area for 2009, but has failed, due to lack of interest with the local furry community.

He does have a blog, as well a forum and chatsite. He used to have a podcast, "The Fox and Salem Show," however, him and the other host have discontinued it, and is no longer available anywhere.

Kusanaga, the forum and chatsite, is undergoing major reconstruction for a relaunch, rumored to include a flash-based chat and full integration. There is also a rumor there might be more netcasts in the future, from him and distributed by Kusanaga.

His relationship status is kinda complicated, due to some issues that are going on in RL.


  • His furry self and his IRL self share the same age and birthdate
  • Has been known to work at cons at his whim.
  • May wear a tail or not, usually not for Science Fiction conventions, but usually does for furry conventions

Furcode (decode): FLRstp3acdrsw C++ D++ H++ P R++ T++ W Z++ Sh++ RLCT a21 cadlmnw+++ d+ e+ f++ h*>++ iwf+++ j+ p+ sm+

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