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Well, as my WikiFur article says, I'm an anthropomorphic canine from Canada. I recently finished my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo, and am back to residing in Toronto.

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Most of my coop work terms have been in Ottawa; it afforded me the opportunity to attend C-ACE in 2006. Unfortunately, being back in school, I did not attend the final iteration of said convention. In November 2007, I attended MFF, an experience I found enjoyable, and will attempt to duplicate once I can stabilize myself. Over the past year, I also set aside time to attend some furmeets in Toronto, located in the basement of an apartment building near Islington station.

For those wishing to contact me, I'm available on all major IM networks (MSN, YIM, AIM, and Jabber/Google Talk/XMPP), as well as through my LiveJournal, and on any of the message boards for which I am a member: Serenity Hollows [1], and Ontario Furries [2].

Disclaimer: I tend to ignore random friend adding on the IM networks, but you don't need to be on my list to contact me. Establish a rapport first.

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