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Primacorza died on December 25, 2007. The user and talk pages of this editor are preserved as a memorial..
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Sergei Primacorza is a Nittany Lion** from Pennsylvania. His name is derived from Old Spanish "Primacorça" pronounced "prEEm-uh-courts-uh" and literally meaning "first roebock" or "youngbuck". For simplicity's sake, it can be spelled or pronounced either way, though when possible the latter is preferred.

Prima was born in 1987 in North Carolina to a military family and spent most of his time moving around. Never staying in one spot, he never gained any long lasting relationships outside of his family and during the years of rebellion and teen angst, this left him alone and bitter. Quite often times his only companions were his animals, and he created a social world around them, learning empathy and relationships from his two dogs and the various horses and dogs he ultimately trained as a child. Naturally, in some cases this evolved into social sexual relationships, and he eventually found a niche' as a small time zoophile spokesperson in small rings on IRC and in the real world. Through zoophilia and technology, prima developed online relationships that eventually transmitted his already animalistic tendencies towards the somewhat more socially acceptable subculture, the furry. Originally a donkey with a strong deer affinity, he became known as "youngbuck" for his surprising intellect and desire at the young age of 14.

When he was 17, his life that had unravelled from the depression of moving about and being alone finally fell back together. He discovered that his mind was his greatest enemy as well as his greatest asset, and that the hate that he had towards his childhood was misdirected at his parents. Determined, he quit high school to join the Marine Corps and discover the lifestyle that his father dedicated himself to in order to raise his family.

Primacorza openly admitted that he was gay and a zoophile and while he no longer practices zoophilia, it remains an integral part of his personality and beliefs. Primacorza has lived in San Diego, Okinawa (Japan), Lejeune, Iowa, Colorado, and New York City. His final "home" was in a small farm in Pennsylvania, but he now currently resides in Camp Pendleton until he leaves the Marine Corps Prima is also a rummer.

**To this day, there are still sightings of real mountain lions in the Pennsylvanian Appalachians, and state conservationalists are still on the lookout for this illusive critter! Primacorza lovingly refers to his fursona as a Nittany Lion in honour of his state and it's heritage.

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