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Personal Introduction[edit]

It would be more neutral for me to refer myself as "Anthro-Avian" Polo (Chinese Wiki / English Wiki), more than directly a "Furry" or a "Kemono", if you are not offended.

An average person from Hong Kong, specialized in writing and editing Wiki Chinese and English articles of "Furry", "Kemono" and "Doujin" sub-culture.

Thank you for your attention and perhaps future advises. ~=^.^=~

Involved Articles[edit]

Chinese Wiki Ctri. English Wiki Ctri. WikiFur Ctri.

Anthro-Animal Culture[edit]

Furry Fandom[edit]

Kemono Culture[edit]

Inclination: KemoShota (ケモショタ ), KemoLoli (Unwritten)

Animations, Comics And Games[edit]

Games: Tail Concerto (Edit), Tail Tale (Create)