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Hey there!

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I'm a Computer Systems Administration college student, developer, and just a dorky dog in general!

I decided that I should keep this page different from that of article page, and make it more of a personal update page.

If you're here for cookies, don't bother I don't have any. I'm a dog, not a web browser.

Check my website out! And hit me up on Telegram!

List of things I want to do:

  • Attend GFM ✅ (Attended Dec 2018, 2019)
  • Attend MFF ✅ (Attended 2018, 2019)
  • Get a Full Fursuit ⚠️ (Partial So Far!)
  • Perfect my website (It's getting there!)
  • Graduate with my Associates Degree in Computer Systems Administration, and obtain several certifications. (We're half way there! CCENT, MD-100)
  • Marry my current partner of almost 2 years, Riversteel 💞
  • Stop buying more domains (Pfft, that's not gonna happen...)


Currently, I'm working on a few projects and here's a generalized list of who / what I'm working with / on:

  • PhoenixNet (Operator, Admin Lead) - A Personal "Faux Business" I run to practice the skills I learn in college, from experience, and for funzies.
  • PhoenixCloud - My own personal cloud, since Google Drive and OneDrive were overrated 😏.

Thanks for checking my profile out!