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ā™„Greetings true believers!!! I'm Phlax Tradorian. I'm a little new to this side of the galaxy. I've visited a few times before, seeing as i've traveled quite a bit, but now i've decided to set up a little camp here, if you will. Being that this is a NEW part of the galaxy, i'm looking to meet some friends. Or even just some nice people to chat with once or twice. I can't metion why i'm here, or where my camp is, unfortunately, due to some "friends" back on my side of our little quadrant of the universe. This also complicates photos. Perhaps once i get more settled, i'll be able to look into that. I would like to say though that my species very closely resembles a tiger or some big cat, with a bit of skunk thrown in. My fur is a velvety blue, but very dark and rich, almost black. I have electric green stripes too. ^-^ Two big ones from my head down my back, and several scattered ones everywhere else. Well, i look forward to meeting some of you guys. Phlax Tradorian 19:33, 5 September 2008 (UTC)

So, here i am again. I forgot to mention a few things. I was trying to install a new qurtan booster to my.... anyway, i'm back and not in such a hurry. So, i'm about six foot two. My tail's about four foot five. I love art (especially furry art *actually, while we're on the subject, can anyone fill me in on these hairless creatures that walk around? they're called peo-pul, right?*), music, theatre. I actually have done a bit of acting myself. In my former line of work it was neccessary actually. Like i've mentioned earlier, i'm here to settle down i think. all's well on this side. ^-^ I'm very eager to meet new furries. six months aboard a ship is a bit lonely. i'd really like to meet a nice wolf-like. idk what it is, but wolves are so cute. they remind me of gamules back home.... so cute....
anyway, i digress. If there's anything more anyone would like to know, feel free to send me a vid- uh... wait. e-mail? is that what these are here? a message would be just fine. i don't believe i have an e-mail adress yet... perhaps i'll look into that..... ^-^ Phlax Tradorian 19:52, 5 September 2008 (UTC)