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I am a reserved person, also, I consider myself a Furry. I consider myself a Furry because I have yet to find any other, I guess, "community" of people that fit enough of my aspects. I was introduced to anthropomorphic creatures at a young age in books, an example being "Dr. Seuss". As I grew older, I was more or less "drawn in" to the exotics and depth of such things. I would have to say I noticed a correlation of my interests in Furry creatures, when I became a fan of the Star Fox, Ratchet and Clank, and Elder Scrolls Video Game Series. In all honesty, I had no idea what a Furry was until late 2010. Then I realized, "Hmmm.. other folks have the same interests in these kinds of things as I do". And that is how I came to call myself a Furry.

My interests in the subject are (trying to be non-profane and accurate here) sexual, intellectual, recreational, educational (for myself), and explorative. Some may say these are not qualifications enough to consider ones' self a Furry, but from what I have learned, I am one and I don't care about a critics' opinion of it. I've always had a sense of awe and majesty whenever I saw Furries, because they are so out of place, but yet fit in it seamlessly. It truly is amazing in my book.

I don't go to any conventions or dress up in suits, because I believe that keeps a major stereotype alive (plus I'm just not into it).

I am 15 years old, and quite knowledgeable. I look forward to help making this a fine website. I believe age doesn't put a restraint on knowledge or judgement. I may surprise some people with some of my knowledge.

My interests are Animals, Video Games, Comedy,writting stories, Religion,acting,and working for hollywood. Working for hollywood has always being my dream.I write stories and i know if those stories are brougth to acting it would be memorable and loved.

I call myself "The Likeable Outcast". Seeing as to what this website is most dedicated to, I believe that I would be welcome here.