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Hello, and welcome on my user page.

User information[edit]

  • Real Name: n/a
  • Age: 29
  • Birthday: Januari 22nd
  • Location: Hilversum, NH, The Netherland
  • Profession: 2d/3d artist
  • Species: Skunk
  • In Contact with the Furry Fandom Since: 1995


  • I do not see myself as a furry, even though I have quite an affinity with the fandom. I love drawing furry-related subjects and many friends of mine are furry. Yet if someone would ask me if I am one, I would politely say them I am not. If they ask about furries, I'd be glad to tell them about the positive aspects of the fandom. I know this is mostly a matter of feeling and some might disagree, but well, this is how I feel.
  • From 2003 till the end of 2007 I worked for one of the companies that provide material and commercials for some major animation and movie companies, my specialization is in Newtek Lightwave and Maya with a close second.
  • I really enjoy art, and even more if I see the artist evolve.

Attended conventions[edit]

Through the time I have attended various conventions, and when I do, I am most likely found on the Artist Alley, exchanging sketchbooks and chatting about.

  • Anthrocon 2002 (Guest)
  • Eurofurence 4 (Guest)
  • Eurofurence 5 (Guest)
  • Eurofurence 7 (Staff, Shuttleservice)
  • Eurofurence 8 (Staff, Shuttleservice)
  • Eurofurence 9 (Staff, Shuttleservice, Security)
  • Eurofurence 10 (Staff, Deputy Chief Security)
  • Eurofurence 11 (Staff, Deputy Chief Security)
  • Eurofurence 12 (Staff, Deputy Chief Security)
  • Treecon Zero (Organizer)
  • Treecon (Organizer)
  • RBW 2006 (Guest)
  • RBW 2007 (Guest)
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