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Hello, POILA is here for you and only you! Yes, you (points to you at the computer monitor NOW)! So who am I?

Who is POILA?

POILA is an anagram of Polymorph and I.L - two of my commonly-used usernames in the Internet for sites like deviantART, ArtPiles, GINPU.US and AnthroAsia (down with you, FurAffinity - you ARE evil! I shall support good, clean art FOR GREATER JUSTICE!)

At my spare time, I usually see myself as a Doctor Insano-derivative from an alternate dimension (see: The Spoony Experiment). TAKE THAT, YOU TALENTLESS DERIVATIVE! (see: Cross-collaboration between Atop The Fourth Wall and The Spoony Experiment on the video review on the comic "Ultimate Warrrior Issues 2 -3" at or Channel Awesome... Channel Awesome FTW!)

Actually, I am a big fan and a huge advocate of good, clean, intelligent and non-fan-pandering anthropomorphic art and cartoons and funny animals (please avoid the "furry" label on me, KTHXBAI!) I enjoy a variety (I mean.... a WIDE variety) of webcomics ranging from the strange - eg.) Happle Tea, MS Paint Adventures, Femmegasm, Nedroid's Bad Comics Challenge, to the common webcomic types like eg.) Ozy and Millie, Commander Kitty, The Whiteboard, mr goh, to the really mind-blowingly-stunning and popular... sometimes, controversial like eg.) Last Res0rt, Suicide-For-Hire (and definitely not jack, haha), Laugh-Out-Loud-Cats, Lackadaisy (1st story arc only, boo-hoo) and finally anything that is done by Bengo & Pug (see: The Webcomic Overlook: "Who Are You? An interview with Bengo & Pug" at

I came from Southeast Asia, I like Asian things, I dig social studies, humanities and humanitarian stuff, I LOVE ( or <3 ) cartoons and any Funny Animal comics, especially the WORTHY ones, and my interest is in growing from Amateur Wikipedian to Master Wikipedian on these topics:

1.) ANYTHING to do with AnthroAsia 2.) ANYTHING to do with Singapore and the user fanabse of lovers for cartoons, animations, NOTABLE webcomics, artists, and MOAR anthro art 3.) ANYTHING to do with notable contributions that can be RELATED to Channel Awesome, TGWTG, Atop The Fourth Wall, Nostlagia Critic that can be also related to the Anthro Art Fandom (aka "stop calling it furries plz... ICK~!) 4.) ANYTHING to do with Southeast Asian/Asian contexts of local productions that has Funny Animal/Anthropomorphism themes in it. 5.) Last, but not least, and definitely not a must-end-to-all, TV TROPES! I love you ,TV Tropes... you made me come to here to begin with, HOO-ZAH! And now I shall BOTH you TV Tropes and WikiFur... seriously, NOT "WikiAnthro"? How sad...

Greetings and hoo-zah ranting raves from the small corners of The Merlion City!

GENUS INVICTUS! (Species Invincible) GEEKUS INFINITUM! (Geeks Infinite) GAMERS INNOVATIUS! (Gamers Innovation) GENUS REVOLUTIOUS! (Species Revolutionary) GENIUS POLYMORPHEUS! (Genius Infinite Forms)