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Ozone Colfy (formerly Ozone T Colf ; bon September 26, 1986) [1] Is a Fursuiter & member of the Babyfur community who currently lives in Southeast London, England.[2] His fursona is a colf (a hybrid of collie and timber wolf).[3]


Ozone's fursuit was constructed by WhiteyFawks of Arend Studios, and debuted at RBW 2008.[2]

He can usually be found on the UKFur Forums [3] and is also a regular member of the LondonFurs group who meet every third saturday in the St. Pauls area of london. Or more frequently on the online community Second Life under the name Ozone Franizzi, where he spends too much money & is an avid Roleplayer


Though only recently a convention goer, Ozone has attended RBW, the Biggest uk convention, in 2008 & currently plans to attend Eurofurence & Anthrocon in 2009 & 2010 respectively


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