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Born February 15,1993
Profession or hobby Roleplayer, art commissioner, graphic designer, dominatrix, dungeon master, gamer
Character species Alicorn

Olexava (born February 15, 1993) is a roleplayer and art commissioner in the furry community who is mostly active online but sometimes attends conventions.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

The majority of Olexava's participation in the Furry fandom is by commissioning artwork and by roleplaying online. The majority of their activity and content is not safe for work.


Olexava is a writer and as a result has made numerous characters. Their most known characters are ones that Olexava used for roleplaying. It should be noted that Olexava has made it a point to specify that his characters are not fursonas but are just original characters. The distinction being that Olexava does not identify as their characters, but instead views them as roles to play or to portray instead. Despite this, many people make the assumption that Olexa Vrane is Olexava's fursona anyways, much to Olexava's chagrin.

Olexa Vrane[edit]

Olexa Vrane[1] is an original character made by Olexava to be used in roleplaying and erotic roleplaying. They are not a fursona that is supposed to represent Olexava in real life, but instead are intended to be seen as a separate entity portrayed by Olexava.

Table: Olexa Vrane
(Placeholder for portrait) Full Name: Olexa Adana Vrane
Sex: Hermaphrodite Age: >10^100 Species: Equorian
Titles: The Gilded Alicorn, The Horned Manifester, Void Treader Gender: Futanari Height: 16' 8" (508 cm) Race:
She/Her Sexuality: Pansexual, roleplayed as Bisexual Weight: 18,320 lbs. (8,309.81 kg) Alignment:
Neutral Good
Honoriffic: Ms. Status:
Widowed Physique:
Muscular Personality: ENTJ

Cassandra Maxwell[edit]

Cassandra Maxwell[2] is another character made by Olexava.

Table: Cassandra Maxwell
(Placeholder for portrait) Full Name: Sex: Age: Species:
Titles: Gender: Height: Race:
Sexuality: Weight: Alignment:
Honoriffic: Status:

Lady Theodora Velocita[edit]

Theodora Velocita[3] is an original character made by Olexava set in the [Wikipedia:Warhammer 40,000|Warhammer 40k] universe.


In 2021, Olexava and his friends founded an online private club for like-minded individuals by way of commissioning a voice actress to read and record an audio announcement.[4]. The club of Pantheos was thusly founded by Olexava and their friend Ishanata.[5]. It was intended to be a shared-world roleplaying server on Discord that eventually became a social hangout for fellow hyper furries. The community was themed around players either importing characters or making new ones that were themed as deities. Over time, the community grew from just two members to over 50[6]. In 2022, the community pitched together for a massive YCH artwork featuring their characters involved in an orgy[7].

Convention attendance[edit]


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