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Nezumi, From her commissions page

Nezumi Murasaki real name, Violet Peterson, aka Nezu for short, is a furry artist who lives in Portland Oregon.
Nezu has been a member of the furry community for 10 years, since she was introduced to the genre with the furry role play game, Iron Claw. She has been drawing anthropomorphic characters for about 9 years. [1]


Nezumi, as the name might suggest, started out as a mouse, but this year, after graduating from a college program and becoming more sure of herself changed her fursona to a coyote. This was announced when she uploaded an image of her graduating, drawn as a coyote rather than a mouse.[2]
Nezu's current fursona is a charcoal grey and lavender white husky/lab mix with blue eyes and long brown hair. she switched to this about a week after changing to a coyote because she felt it better reflected her friendly and loyal nature. [2]

Current Projects[edit]

Nezumi is currently working on several projects:

  • She is the artist for a scifi space combat and block building game called Scrumbleship.[3]
  • She is working on a web comic called Phoenix Studios that will update three times a week starting in January 2012. It will center around a group of furry characters running a porn studio and will contain adult content. [1]
  • In August of 2011, Nezu started the furry meetup group, Rose City Fur Meet As of November 25, 2011, it has 21 members and has met at Powells Books, and in a members home.[4]


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