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Nekozuki, Also known as Nekozuki~Kun (On Gaia Online) And NekozukiKun (On IMVU)is a cat-like avatar, He likes to role play all kinds of rp's and also but he dislikes fighting role plays. Nekozuki goes by the name Neko, He is in a long-term relationship with his online and IRL mate Kitsuneke07 (On IMVU) and SevenDeadlySins27 (on Gaia Online) going on two and a half years. Neko likes to change the way his avatar looks on imvu going from a white cat to a Siamese. he also has a few dog, fox, and wolf skins, But he prefers to remain a cat, Neko means cat in Japaneses hence the reason he stays as a cat in most of the role plays he does. (Neko will spell check this later and add more as well later)

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