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The Great Gryphon Lord

JR. Simpson aka Gryph, Player of Gryph Sylvr the Gryphon Lord. Gryph is an Otherkin who specializes in gryphon roleplay, or what he calls GRPG which takes place primarily in late-night Yahoo! conferences.

Although Gryph excels in story writing and roleplay, he is a very confident furry artist. His work can be found on several furry websites, including FurAffinity and the GRPG board Gryphons of the Mist which consists of him and many different characters played by him and a few other furs.

Gryph started a Gryphon's Guild spin-off called GRPG, and a further spin-off called GRPG:SE where he hosts private roleplaying with friends.

Gryph can be reached for play or comment on Skype, MSN or Yahoo! Messenger under the handle "OverGryph".

To compare your tastes with Gryph, please visit his Rabbit Hole page.

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