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Author Matthew Joseph Harrington was born February 8, 1960, at the US Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan. He attended public schools and received an excellent education by skipping classes to browse in the public library in Bowie, Maryland.

His genre is hard science fiction. His first stories were published in Man-Kzin Wars XI from Baen Books.

Stories in Man-Kzin Wars XI are:

Teacher's Pet

War and Peace

Stories in the forthcoming Man-Kzin Wars XII (June 2008) include:

Echoes of Distant Guns

Peace and Freedom

Foreign Legion (with Hal Colebatch)

String (with Hal Colebatch)

According to editor Larry Niven, who has described Harrington as a genius, the reason the series was extended past its planned length of ten volumes was to publish this work.

The stories are what qualified Harrington as a member of the SFWA.

Harrington is also a minor contributing author of the current version of SimGirls. (The part where Ami invented the time machine.)


It is of course the innocent whose rest is uneasy; true villains slumber undisturbed by anything but an occasional chuckle. - Teacher's Pet

Once would be a miracle to stupefy an atheist. Twice is enemy action. Six times is policy. -ibid

Technology doesn't save labor: it invests it. -ibid

Miraculously I conceal my astonishment. -War and Peace

From Man-Kzin Wars XII:

It is a protector's duty to spoil children absolutely rotten.

At a gunfight, how do you recognize an aristocrat?... He's the one with the sword.

Use any weapon you can make, and make any weapon you can use.

A jaywalker never has the right-of-way.

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