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Very Special Thanks to Koshizu for the Avatar :3

Personal Stuff[edit]

This lion here loves long chat sessions, videogames (such as Metroid, Zelda and pretty much every Nintendo game there is X3), reading, fursuits and of course Pawpets! ^__^. He doesn't like posers at all, even though he can be one himself (showing everyone his not too small videogame collection).

He's also one of the very few Swiss Furries. He lives together with his boyfriend "Imiak" (who is also a fur) in Vienna.

Lives been pretty good to him. It let him experience quite a few wonderful adventures. His friends mean more than anything else to him. Sometimes he doesn't show it, though. If he forgets your birthday doesn't mean that he doesn't love you anymore. ^__^ He's just damn forgettable X3.