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I'm a Scottish furry, residing in Glasgow. I'm a black and white malamute by nature (i.e. I am very boring and easy to read). I'm generally a cheerful and the easy going type of female and love to have intelligent conversations (although the nonsense ones are great too!) I can tend to be a little bit hyper and eccentric but that is what people like - a little individuality. *bounces around* I always voice my thoughts and opinions and am strictly honest with people. So you never have to worry about my lying to you - I won't.

I love recieving affection and hugs so feel free to hug me. I am a hug machine...!

I do not drink or smoke (my body is a temple) but I do have my vices, mainly chocolate. I like to think I have a good sense of humour and have been called a 'quirky character' by many people who have met me for the first time. I wouldn't say I am the prettiest person but I like to think it's what's on the inside that matters anyway.

I love to read and write, short prose and poetry are my specialities, but I am getting better at my art work and as soon as I get myself good with graphics tablet none of you will stop me! *manic laughter*

Lynsey is single, happy, looking for a mate, is 3 years old in furry terms (19 in human), female, smart and enjoys a good laugh.

Chat away, I'm easy going enough.Me Normal