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DIW-Lymril Icon 200.png
Thanks for visiting my WikiFur page! I was formerly known as Keershang of YiffNet IRC fame, but with the demise of YiffNet and the decline of its main channel, #Furry, I decided to remake my character, start my own IRC channel, and generally reboot the Furry IRC channel franchise. I am now on FurNet IRC where I run #SoftPaws, currently the largest furry-oriented general chat channel on the Internet. Visit the #SoftPaws Web page for more information about the channel and how to get started on IRC. It's a great place to get your furry fix!

The excellent character icon you see to the left was done by DarkIceWolf, creator of some of the most realistic furry art you can find on Furaffinity. You can see his excellent full-body artwork of my character, along with many other great works, on Lymril's Furaffinity account. Drop by and leave a shout!

See the article about Lymril. WikiFur User