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Loki Blacktip
Character Reference for LokiWuff by Carowyn
FurAffinityFenderBadge.jpg This user has an account at Fur Affinity. Their username is lokiwuff.

#IRC This user can usually be found on the #WikiFur IRC channel, and goes by the nick(s) Loki
SecondLifeHand.png This user has a Second Life account with the name Freyr Lane.
Twitter.jpg This user is @LokiBlacktip on Twitter.

Wolfie! This user really likes wolves.

This user page will mainly reflect any doings I preform within WikiFur and more of my non-fur side I guess.

Personal Information[edit]

I am a 31 year old (1987) male. I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York after some moving around, including living in Southern New Hampshire and parts of NYS, I am back. You can find me on on Telegram at @lokiblacktip


My fursona name is Loki Blacktip and his person page is the best source of information.

Furcode (decode): FCWwp3ars A++ C- D H++ M P+ R+ T+++ W Z Sm++ RLCT* a cln++++ d++ e+ f++ h+ iwf+++ j* p+ sm

For any more information please refer to my Fursona entry Loki Blacktip

Second Life[edit]

I used Second Life quite often, and I used to have a few different jobs

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