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See the article about Loganberry. WikiFur User

I haven't got a huge amount to say for myself beyond what's in my article. Anyone who's interested in me can follow the links from there or look up my LiveJournal ;honestly, I may be fairly dense sometimes but I do usually notice when somebody contacts me! =:P

Suffice it to say that I avoided WikiFur for a while for a whole variety of reasons, but that once somebody started an article about me I felt that the lesser of two evils was to get involved myself and make that article halfway useful. Now that I am here as such, I expect I'll do bits and pieces of editing from time to time.

I suppose the one thing I might be considered "known" for in furry, albeit only on a low level, is my 2003 essay Rabbiting On (linked to from my article). Considering that I'd only been in furry for a short time when I wrote that, it does seem to have held up remarkably well, and I am rather proud of it. =:)