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Well, the first thing that you will notice about me is that I am somewhat of a non conformist, hence this will be in first person.

I am a cat lady, and a therian black leopard.

From a very young age I would wish with all of my heart that I could change, permanently into first a black cat, then later when I grew up a bit, into a black leopard. This was a BIG issue for me for many many years. When the movie "Cat People" came out in the 80's I was waiting with bated breath because for me, this was a movie about something that I had always wanted. It was almost PORN!!!! Woo hoo! Watch it, it is a great movie, great naked scenes and excellent TF for the time. It also has a LOT of furry related dialog.

Later when I was still quite young I came to the realization that I was always going to be a human, not matter what I wished or how hard I tried to change into any animal.

I was then later heavily in denial of my very furryness, to the point that when I finally discovered the furry community, I hung around mostly in hopes of getting costume commissions. (I am a professional costumer, along with being a caretaker.) This condition lasted for a while, and part of me was PISSED that I had not found this group years earlier, because I would have saved me from a lot of heart wrenching emo in forcing myself to be someone that I am not.

But, hey, I am back again, and acknowledge my furryness once again, and have a name for it now, and hang around with a great group of people that understand where I am comming from.

I am sometimes also known as Lironess. This was a kind of default name that I picked when I got my very first email address, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

I am also a lap hopper and a cuddlebunny and I give free hugs and scritches.

If you are ever in need of a cat, I will have one on hand, but screen prospective new owners carefully. They are all wonderful cool full of personality cats and I love every one, I just have too many.

Well, that is it for now, you can read my LJ profile under lironess if you would like, but my journal is mostly friends only.