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Real Life Info[edit]

Name: Joshua S. (Last name hidden for protection)

Age: 15

Date of birth: May 15, 1991

Place of birth: Columbus, Ohio

Current Residency: Knoxville, Tennessee

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 220 LB

Species: Human

Initials: JNS

Religion:None (meaning I'm not even an atheists)

Hobbies: drawing, writing, researching, reviewing, hacking (and maybe some cracking), chatting

Occupation: Student

Note: Has ADHD (Mild mostly)

Contact Info:, AIM:linkthegamer, YIM:linkthegamer, ICQ:290-844-677, G-talk:linkthegamer, E-mails: (main), (back-up), (back-up),,

Websites/webpages i run: My homepage on Tripod, My Fur Affinity account, The Linkthegamer Network homepage, Project: wonderland homepage on bravenet, My freewebs video game tip sites, My deviantART art account, My sheezyart account, My Livejournal, in-game wiki on PBwiki, WikiLTG on Wetpaint,Linux command console webpage

Main Character[edit]

Picture of Linkthegamer's fursonia. Drawn and colored by Linkthegamer

Name: linkthegamer

Nicknames: Link, LTG, Gamer


Date of birth: May 15, 1991

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 220 LB

Species: Polymorph (mainly appears in the form of an anthro lab rat)

Location: Center Castle (more later)

Religion:None (meaning he not even an atheists)

Fur colors: Dark Green and Teal

Occupation(s): EX-lab rat, artist, writer, programmer, hacker, cracker, High school sophomore, webmaster

Can Be Found: Fur Affinity (linkthegamer), Deviant Art(linkthegamer), Shezzy Art(linkthegamer), Live Journal(linkthegamer), Teen Second Life (linkthegamer Knight), Furcadia (Master link), Myspace (linkthegamer)

Likes: being weird, Technology, Techno music, Making friends, Programming, Pizza, Free speech, Freedom, Open-source, linux

Dislikes: Boredom, his own spelling and grammar skill, being shy, People who hate others, Too much homework

Prey: Anything

Predator: Anything

Biography: Linkthegamer is a polymorph (shape shifter), but most usually takes the form of an anthro (short for anthromorphic) lab rat with Dark Green and Teal fur. He is said to be from some other world or to be a creation of Area 51. He has a device called a Limiter inside him which keeps his powers in check and drains energy when he uses a power. The Limiter will only shut off in a very serious emergency. More about him will be reviled in my ARG (alternate reality game) Project: Wonderland

Other Characters[edit]

Name: Vorerex

Nickname: Rex

age: 21

height: 5' 9"

weight: 252 LB

Species: T-Rex

Scale color: Red with Black Markings

Occupation(s): none listed as of yet

Can Be Found: Eka's Portal (vorerex), (site no longer exist), VoreOnline (also no longer exist)

Story: Will update soon

Other Info[edit]

Notable Projects: The maker of the ARG Project: Wonderland and a member of two game devlopement teams.

Project: Wonderland is a ARG (Alternate Reality Game) I'm working on. . Go HERE to play the game (in pre-launch mode).

SecondLifeHand.png This user has a Second Life account. Their name is linkthegamer Knight.
FurAffinityFenderBadge.jpg This user has an account at Fur Affinity. Their username is linkthegamer.

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