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Hi, I'm known on other sites mostly as LilyValley807, BetLV and sometimes BetLa. My primary Fursona is a Spotted bat known as Dust. I'm a furry artist whose creativity goes into digital artwork and on occasion I try 3D modeling in Blender.

My interests are, for gaming, Spore, Pokemon, The Sims and Zoo Tycoon 2. I use my 3D know-how for modding most of these. Outside of gaming, I enjoy drawing in Krita, collecting plush/stuffed animals (some of which are custom orders!) and more. Fandoms I am interested in aside from furry would be Steven Universe, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and more. I own a fursuit partial of Fluff Puff, a Honduran White bat as well as Dust. I'm not so experienced in suiting, but I'm getting there! I have not attended any conventions while I did consider Naka Kon 2020 until it was postponed.

My links may be NSFW, please be aware of that!

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