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Jennie eating a Dreamsicle(R) -- part of a larger drawing (c) LilJennie herself
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LilJennie is a babyfur who has crept gingerly around the edges of the babyfur community for decades but finally hopped in with both big pink bunny feet in 2011. She's been an outspoken voice in the AB/DL community since her website appeared in 1994, and since shortly after moving to Bloomington, Indiana in 1997, she has held a monthly get-together at a local restaurant for ABs, DLs, babyfurs, etc. She has appeared in an episode of HBO's "Real Sex," as part of a group of ABs.

She is an AB/DL author, having written a few stories of note, but has been less active until very recently. One of her early stories, "North Star," features anthropomorphic animal characters, as well as transformations of human characters into anthropomorphic and zoomorphic animals. She has been writing more stories recently (non-furry, more's the pity), mostly in collaboration with AB author Miki Yamuri, and she has also been working on her digital artwork, where she focuses on the cute and cuddly aspects of babyfurdom.

Jennie's single fursona is a pink and white female anthropomorphic baby rabbit with blonde headfur, and this character bears her name, Jennie. At time of writing this she possesses no fursuits, but there has now been quite a bit of artwork done of this identity. She feels that adult babies, furries, and other communities should look upon each other as kindred spirits, for all of them have an internal identity that is different from that which they present to the commonplace world, and which is only possible to express by means of art (whether prose, visual arts, or costuming).

Jennie's approach toward being a babyfur is regressive. She tries to get into the mindset of her character, and as such she is not interested in any sexual play of any kind. Her character is barely of toddler age and is still very much in need of diapers, and she uses a pacifier (often one with a carrot-like design) most of the time. Her character does not talk very well, but, as the person behind the screen is aware that others often find excessive babytalk annoying, she tailors the amount of babytalk she uses to the tolerance levels of the people she talks to. Her character does not really have a backstory or history, but she does have some depth, such as her dislike of getting her fur dirty or herself into trouble with authority figures, combined with her desire to be helpful, even if it gets her dirty or into trouble. It is possible that one of her ancestors was a cartoon, contributing to her non-natural fur coloration. Any other effects that having cartoon DNA might have on her are unknown.

If there is one thing she would like passers-by to take away, it is unity. We must all hang together, or surely we will all hang separately, as Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin both said. Yes, we have our differences, and they are wonderful and amazing, and we should celebrate them and let them unite us rather than letting them divide us. It's possible. We can work toward a world where we are all accepted as we are.