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I'm Latte Koffeefox, a Bay Area Furry and resident of downtown San Jose. I was born in July of 1987 in Ventura County, and moved to Northern California in 2005.

By day I am a graphic designer specializing in document design and layout. I also dabble in sketching and cartooning, swing dancing (lindy hop and charleston), photography, cycling, and balcony gardening. I am also a member of the Further Confusion staff, and have been since 2010.

My fursona is a tan female fox, similar in color to her namesake. She was created during my time as a barista at Starbucks, when I "returned" to the fandom after a long period of thinking I'd outgrown it. I have a full Latte fursuit, which was made as a partial by Janko and completed as a fullsuit by Dax and myself. I also own Hipster Eevee, made by Jill0r.

I am currently in a relationship with Dax Wildsong.