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The man:[edit]

Pay no attention to the man behind the keyboard! ^.^ I am a therian lion (born 1990). I am a fairly decent artist, working mainly in pencil (both black and colored varieties) but am not currently accepting commissions. in times of stress I am prone to M-shifts, to date no other shift have occured. I am also a writer of amatuer Furry stories, both PG13 and above, I only work with M/M.

Lance Leoghauni[edit]

Lance is my fursona, he's 5'8" and like myself, has a slim build. A bit happy go lucky, he loves to rave, hang out with his friends, and generally just have fun, although also like myself he has both a hero complex, and an inferiority complex. these tend to manifest less often in him then in myself. He is a member of the new jedi order and weilds a cerulean blue single bladed lightsaber.