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Oh god, what am I doing here?[edit]

ΓΦΒ User is an ex-member of a secret society
BOX This is just a box

10 Years later[edit]

I guess I'm still around.

These days, I ether volunteer for, am staff for, or run whatever my local convention's gaming lounge is. I'm very passionate about gaming, nearly as much as I am about being a furry, and so I want there to always be a chill, relaxing place to cool down from a convention. I volunteered at RMFC for most of it's run- Mind you, as volunteer I had little knowledge of the storms brewing for RMFC and likely could do little to prevent it.
When DenFur rolled into town after RMFC fell, I helped to prop it's game room up as well.
When an anonymous twitter user tried to intimidate me with my personal information (Or "Doxx" me as it has come to be known as) mistakes in the presented information marked the information's origin as being from the RMFC Registration database.

Let's see.. what other interesting furry events have I been involved in..? Nothing too much. Nothing too terribly public at least.