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Picture of Stellarity
Other names Stel, Stella, Stellarity
Born 9 June 1995
Profession or hobby motion graphics animator
Character species Poochyena
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Midwest FurFest.
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Furry Weekend Atlanta.

Hello! I'm Avoyt! I'm just an enthusiastic furry and an avid lover of plushies and Pokémon.

My fursona is Stellarity: a fluffy, huffy Poochyena with yellow eyes.



see Avoyt: Stellarity.

Stellarity is my fursona! She's a blushy, huffy mess. I really feel comfortable as Stellarity, so this arrangement makes me so happy.


see Avoyt: Avoyt.

Avoyt was my original fursona. While I still consider him my "secondary" fursona, I changed to Stellarity early last year. Avoyt used to look quite different; this is, like, version 3.4 of his design. And before it's asked, I didn't name myself after him, but I didn't entirely name him after me. I started going by Avoyt at about the same time I created Avoyt. Ironically, I only officially changed my name after I created Stellarity!


Talia is a marbled fox, and I just absolutely love her. I designed her some time ago, but her design changed as I changed Avoyt. I designed her to be, well, exactly the kind of character I have those lil character crushes for. And, well, it worked! I just want to hug her!

She has a conversely rowdy personality, shying away from "girly" things and preferring to play dirty. She runs and leaps a lot, just absolutely loving to play.

She is Avoyt's wife, with whom he has three children. Avoyt as in the wolf. Not me. I'm not married to an imaginary character. ...I mean, I wouldn't say no, but, uh


it's 4 AM, I'm gonna finish and improve all of this some other day...




I will edit this too, eventually.

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