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Hi! I'm KuboF.

I am the founder and administrator of Esperanto WikiFur.


I discovered a furry fandom only in end of 2010 so I'm still new one. I am close to weres, therians and otherkins. My art-form is antro black-white/gray wolf.


I am from Slovakia, now studding in Czech Republic.


I am active on Esperanto end Slovak Wikipedias and some time ago I started on Commons. I was active on Esperanto Uncyclopedia in time of it's begining, now it is active even without me. In April 2010 I attended competition on Esperanto Wikipedia and I was 13th. In October 2011 I attended the first Esperanto Wikimania and had a lesson about KantarViki, a wiki-based online collection of Esperanto songs. I'm creating a Vikio, wiki-based online encyclopedia about Esperanto in Slovak language. I am active in Wikimedia Slovenská Republika (Wikimedia Slovakia).