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Koidel Coyote is a Mexican Artist and animator who lives in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexican coyote, He was born on November 21 of 1996.

According to what he said:

I chose a Coyote as my fursona because Coyote " belong to the Nahuatl (Mexican dialect). on Aztec culture, huehuecoyotl represents the God of the arts, as an artist, I Feel related with that species, plus is a national species and can be found all over North America, just like me.


Koidel fursona is a Coyote.

Participation on the fandom[edit]

KoidelCoyote Twitter

Convention attendance[edit]

  • Midwest FurFest 2017-2018
  • Biggest Little Fur Con, 2018
  • Furnal Equinox,2019
  • Further Confusion - 2018
  • Texas Furry Fiesta -, 2018
  • Megaplex - 2018
  • Confuror - 2017, 2018


Fursuit Characters performanced by KoidelCoyote are:
Keepo Otter as a secondary character. made by: DynamiCatStudio on 2018 as an artistic Freedom character,

Koidel the Coyote as main character, Fursuit done by: FurTheWin Studios

Fandom involvement[edit]

Koidel used to enjoy anthropomorphic art since 2019, but he officially joined the community on furry fandom during 2016

External Links[edit]

Telegram Art channel
Naugthy twitter

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