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Arctic Wolf (anthropomorphic)
Azure (Left) / Spring Green (Right)
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Hi - I'm a fur from Mission, British Columbia, Canada and part of the local BC Furries community.

I'm a musician and have been part of the fandom since my early teens. I've been part of an EP (real registration, barcode, tax receipts, the whole deal!) with my old (now defunct) metal band, and am working on a new project.

I have the beginnings of a recording studio in my basement and one day dream to make my way into Audio Engineering and Production.

I can play guitar, bass, a little bit of drums, and an even smaller bit of keyboards (hooray for MIDI and quantization!). Oh, and I like to think I can sing. ;)

By day, I'm also an IT guy - operations, system and network administration, and ever so reluctantly dabbling in the buzzword-laden 'DevOps'. Linux and FreeBSD are my thing. Gaming on Linux is another big interest of mine, because who *likes* dual booting?

I was the Operations Lead for VancouFur's inaugaural year (2012), and I'm proud to see what it's grown into without me. ;p

I used to be a Co-God on the now-defunct ChaosMUCK, and am also on Equestrian Dawn, FluffMUCK, SPR and FurryMUCK.