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Kitch's character reference:

Kitch is a male rottweiler, pure-blooded. Fully sexually mature, and typically drawn anatomically correct, he is 5'11" tall. He has been drawn both digitigrade and plantigrade, but he prefers digitigrade footpaws and plantigrade handpaws, both with pawpads.

He has a medium-length, broad, blunted muzzle with a black nose. His internal flesh is deep pink, and his external flesh (such as nose) is deep charcoal gray. His ears are floppy. He has brown eyes (his player's eyes are blue), and no extra headfur. The fur is generally black, with brown for eyebrows, cheeks, and the sides and bottom of muzzle, going down the front of the neck and out along the collarbones. the separating line between brown cheeks and black face is jagged.

Kitch is heavily built, though not entirely muscular. He is around 200 lbs. His arms and chest are muscled. His arms are black to the elbows, and brown the rest of the way down, with external flesh color for pawpads, and canine claws.

For torso, his back is solid black. His pectorals are black as well, with exposed nipples, external flesh color. His stomach, somewhat pudgy, is brown, with a distinct innie belly button. The brown extends to the sides to about lines vertical with the nipples along musculature, and downward under the tail and inside the thighs to about 1/3 the way up from the knee. His tail is docked, about two inches long from the root.

Black fur goes to brown below the knee, with his feet with pawpads, external flesh color, and canine claws.

He typically wears only cargo shorts, usually beige. He is almost always shirtless, and never wears shoes.

NSFW details are best seen in the picture here (again, link NSFW, you were warned). Suffice to say here that he has canine anatomy, and prides himself on having relatively average endowment.

A full character sheet is found here. Although not as explicit as the other, it still has mild NSFW details.