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Kisuri, AKA Kisuri Katsu is a UK fur, suspected to be hailing from one of the more urbane regions. He presents himself as a gray housecat with snazzy shoes, and is even more tyrannical and evil than is typical for that species. Kisuri has been known by the name of Kitten in #UK on Yiff/furnet since 2000, and should the many enemies he has made there find this entry... He won't care.

Despite his arrogant nature, Kisuri is in fact possessed of a diverse selection of skills. He has orchestrated the authoring of a lengthy work of fiction, combining his writing abilities along with technology and a few friends (to help write, not as spare parts). In addition, though his taste in dancing is highly suspect, he will sometimes produce a musical work.

If you can find him, and if he's managed to complete anything, and if he's not in a pissy mood, maybe you can hire... The Kisuri.