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Kendareru on a road trip.

Kendall Boyer (aka Kendareru NekoSama or Leonne Pendragon) is a feline furry, who was born in Fallbrook, California on March 15, 1986 to Mary Boyer (a.k.a. FoxFyre Boii). He is a writer/artist/lyricist who currently lives in Emporia, Kansas. He has started on two stories on yiffstar, and has a band site on myspace for his family's developing band CIA: Celts In Action, and is also a co-writer for an upcoming webcomic Fur-Load of Trouble, along with his friends William Armstrong (Isamu Yan, a canine furry) and Christopher Wood (A.J. LaCrox, an Alligator scalie). The three are the founders of Fur-Load Inc.

Kendall spent most of his life (age 5-18) in Red Lodge, Montana, where he graduated in 2004 in a class of about 20 people. His fursona got it's first name in 2005 from his friend Manni-kun. He later developed the characters background, tweaking it a little over the years. He was in the US Naval service from August 2004 thru summer of 2008.

He has one sibling, Luna Boii (prounounced "Loo-nah Bwa"), an otter furry.

RANDOM FACT: Kendall has, in real life, naturally calico hair. In felines, the gene that causes calico fur is mostly found in females due to the fact that it has to be present on the part of both the last gene pair that make it XX instead of XY. When it's present in males, they tend to be sterile.

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Kendall has a personality that is, in many ways, comparable to that of a kitten. His natural curiosity, obsessive compulsiveness, and inability to think before talking or taking action is both amusing and annoying. Most people find that upon first meeting him they are immediately attracted by his charm and seeming innocence, or repelled by the constant chaos and mayhem of his thoughts and personal life. He has a tendency to apologize for the smallest things, whether or not it is his fault, and tries his best to please everyone he knows, even at his own expense (psychologically, emotionally or otherwise).

His mood swings are also something to watch for. He can be your best friend one second, and want nothing to do with anything the next, like any other cat.


Kendareru NekoSama

Kendareru as drawn by himself.

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Rebecca Anne Williams

Kendareru as Rebecca Anne Williams.

Rebecca is a red fox, born April 10, 1986. Her mother is a New York photographer, and he father is a Japanese sword master. Her homelife has always been traditional, due to her father's upbringing. As a young kit, she was taught in many different diciplines, including tea-house courtasy, kendo, ninjutsu, no-theatre, flower arrangement, cooking, and so on. Because of uteral cancer, she will never be able to have kits of her own.

  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 128lbs
  • Waistline: 28"
  • Bra size: 24C
  • Shoe Size: 8
  • Blood Type: B+
  • Hair/Fur: Red/Red-brown
  • Eyes: Green
  • Faveorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Food: Sushi
  • Hobbies: Reading, singing, practicing sword fighting and martial arts, flirting.


  • Robert Mousley - Male white mouse
  • Vincent Serpentine Boyer - Male albino python
  • Draconium - Male vampyre bat
  • Sir Baldwin - Male Skye Dragon
  • Yanamaru Ikouski - Male White Wolf


FFD2acrw A- C* D+++ H++ M- P+ R T+++ W Z Sm++ RLLW a22 cd+ d+ e f+++ h+ i- j+ p- sm+

  • F:Fursona
  • FD:Domestic cat
  • 2:Humanoid, with significant furry features (muzzle, tail, etc), this includes centaurs and mer-people
  • a:Just a general "alter ego", c:A costume he/she wears, r:Role-playing game character, w:Someone to write stories about
  • A-:Furry Art (Tried a few sketches in the privacy of his/her own home)
  • C*:Conventions (Haven't been to a furry con, but have been to an SF con)
  • D+++:Dressing Up (will wear a fursuit at any opportunity, even where costumes are not expected)
  • H++:Hugs (will hug anyone he/she knows, given a faint excuse)
  • M-:Mucking/mudding (Never been able to dredge up enough interest (or time) to try it)
  • P+:Plushies (has been known to cuddle a few)
  • R:Real vs Toon (No particular preference)
  • T+++:Transformation [would I] (Definitely! as long as he/she gets to choose the species)
  • W:Writing (has written a story that somebody else has read)
  • Z:Zines (has a few furry zines)
  • Sm++:Furry Sex [fursona/TinySex] (Male; Ready, willing, and able)
  • RL:Real Life
  • LW:Literature/writing
  • a22: age (22)
  • cd+: computer skill (Computers are fun; can use some software without resorting to the manual; plays a mean game of TA; MS-Dos)
  • d+:games [DOOM, Quake, etc] (It's a fun, action game that is a nice diversion on a lazy afternoon)
  • e:education level (high school)
  • f+++:furriness factor (I've been known to bark [meow] at people he/she doesn't know to greet them)
  • h+:housing (Living with one or more people who know nothing about furriness)
  • i-:internet (Not connected yet)
  • j+:japanese animation (Others know he/she is an Anime fan)
  • p-:pets (No pets currently, but may enrich his/her life in the future)
  • sm+:human sex (male; have had sex)

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  • IMVU - Kendareru

(see a pattern here folks?)

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