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Keershang Icon 200x200.JPG
Hi, I'm Keershang, former IRCop of the now-defunct YiffNet IRC network and long-time denizen of its main channel, #Furry. I occasionally come here to add or update content to long-forgotten pages and stir up drama concerning issues most people got over around the turn of the millennium.

The excellent character icon you see to the left was done by DarkIceWolf, creator of some of the most realistic furry art you can find on Furaffinity. You can see the full-body NOT SAFE FOR WORK version, along with many other great works, on Keershang's Furaffinity account.

I am now on FurNet IRC as Lymril where I run YiffNet #Furry's replacement channel, #SoftPaws, currently the largest furry-oriented general chat channel on the Internet. Visit #SoftPaws Web page for more information about the channel and how to get started on IRC. It's a great place to get your furry fix!

See the article about Lymril. WikiFur User