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About me[edit]

The ruthless gothic rabbit, at your service.

My name is Kali Paige. Like the rest of you, I am a furry, a rabbit to be precise. In fact, I have actually been a furry all my life, since my early childhood, when I would write wonderous tales about a fictitious wolf character that used to be my fursona. I would not discover the fandom until around late 2008, when I first discovered a small sect of furries on Xbox Live, who introduced me to the fandom. Ever since then, I have officially considered myself "furry."

It has been a wonderous experience. Through my years spent in the fandom, I have met many wonderful and unique individuals, each of whom has taught me a life-changing lesson that has helped mold and sculpt me into the woman I am today. I believe that being furry gives individuals highly-entertaining outlet for their creativity be it through arts and crafts, artwork, or through the written word. I could honestly never picture myself leaving the fandom, despite all its ups and downs. Even though I have met many a furvert in my time, there are just as many furries that have nothing but pure intentions and an unusual way of thinking that I can learn and benefit from.

I am a network admin in training, currently enrolled in a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) training program at my local college. Some of the skills we cover/have covered/are covering encompasses routing and switching, server administration using Microsoft Windows and Linux servers, basic web design using HTML and design suites for it, as well as computer repair and upkeep. It is my hope that my technical mindset can benefit everyone here.

On Wikifur and what needs to be done[edit]

One of the many tools of the trade.

WikiFur is a wonderful site. In all honesty, it is my first resource to turn to whenever I have a question about furry culture or terminology. However, like all great web resources, it must be maintained, lest it risk becoming useless. Naturally, while this encompasses the obvious duties of adding new information as it is made available and updating the old information to reflect the new, it also encompasses making the experience delightful for the end-user.

What I mean by this is adhering to traditional Wiki standards, such as NPOV and proper citation of references. This is but one of the problems I notice on WikiFur; articles that are too opinionated or lacking in fact, as well as not giving credit where credit is due. There are also a myriad of articles that are unrelated completely or very distantly to furries and the fandom, as well as articles that could give a prospective fur a bad perspective or opinion of the fandom. This is, in my eyes, a Wiki intended to be a comprehensive database on the history, culture, terminology, and traditions of the fandom as a general whole.

Assuming my definition is true, do we really need articles that provide no intellectual gain, such as yiff? Giving prospective furries, would-be trolls and cyber-bullies, and quizzical mothers a bad portrayal of a social niche that already has a notoriously poor reputation does not seem like a good solution to me!

My intended solution[edit]

I will be patrolling articles both old and new, mercilessly correcting what needs to be corrected, doing what needs to be done to bring an article to the highest quality I can possibly bring it to, and pruning away at the "weeds" that comprise poorly written articles and choke away at the vibrance and clarity of potentially excellent articles. Note that I will not hesitate to speak my mind. I do not speak out of bias against articles which, quite frankly, may suck or be poorly written. If I feel it sucks, then I speak against the content of the article, not its subject matter. Note that articles I feel leave a poor impression on the furry fandom are excluded from this rule. We are (hopefully) thinking in a professional mind when we use our talents to impart information unto those who need it.

Things I dislike about the fandom[edit]

We as humans all have a list of things we strongly dislike and reasons as to why we dislike them, and often times, even when we have only the purest of intentions, our opinions seep into our work. Therefore, I have taken the liberty of posting a list of things about the furry fandom that I dislike, and why I dislike them, to better help someone understand what might have been on my mind when making an overly opinionated edit.

  • Babyfurs: I don't have any issue with the cute, cuddly pictures of babyfurs at play and in innocent situations; as a matter of fact, I find them quite adorable! But when the images start to bear sexual connotations, I find myself quite disgusted and consider it an instance of pedophilia. In my eyes, it's still an underaged infant, and fictional or furry status does not change this.
  • Paraphilias: I'm not going to lie: I hate how furries parade their fetishes. I have nothing against fetishes; if they're not harmful or illegal, then by all means, indulge, but I really do NOT see why pages such as fat furs and vore belong.
  • Polygamy (And the whole "pet" thing): I love my mate. No questions asked. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life and look forward to many long years with her. Which is why I can't understand why furs feel the need to have another "significant other" in their life. And furs that take "pets" are even more confusing; what's so lacking in your love life with your mate that you have to have someone else to have sex with? I can't say I justify this; this is a personal "miff."
  • Shi and hir (and like terminology): I understand the terms and why people who roleplay as hermaphrodite characters might need them, as well as the intersexed. As a transsexual, I know the pain of not being able to express yourself. More so, it's the fact that it really just feels gramatically incorrect. While it is often used correctly, when I see it, it feels like one big typo. Grammatical errors irk me more than anything else.