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  • I'm from the U.S.A and my fursona is a black and white husky with a blue star on the center of the back and chest.
  • I like working with computers and building in the 3D software Sketchup
  • I am currently working on a major 3D fictional city building project in Sketchup which includes cities, roads and companies named after members of the Furry Fandom and also has Humans and Furs (or Anthros)

A Little About Me[edit]

I am a furry from the Elmira, New York, U.S.A and originally from the Syracuse, New York, U.S.A area. I have been in the fandom I think from 2011. I found this fandom thru the internet, If I remember right I think that I was searching for Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch) and found a image linked to Furaffinity, after that I explored the site and here we are today. I am a computer geek, I am a brony, have a love for all animals and I also work with the 3D building software Sketchup, where I am currently building a major fictional 3D city project with multiple cities, towns, companies, roads, highways and more named after furry fandom members, Brony fandom members, my family and pets and more.

About my City Project[edit]

The project I said above, is Jlong Cities Project. This is my major project where as said above has most things named after furry fandom members, brony fandom members and more. Plus there are anthropomorphic animals (furs or anthros), pokemon, ponies (MLP:FIM) and more that live in the world I have created. Besides the 3D sketchup city models, I have created a big main map of the project's world area, smaller maps of the towns and cities, made a wiki listing all the roads, companies, radio & TV stations and more. You can check out the pages linked below (under links heading) for more on it.

Below are just some of the items in this project that are named after Furry fandom members.

Project Current Wiki : Project Under Work New Wiki :

Contact Me[edit]

The best way to contact me is via message from My Site or PM on Furaffinity or Inkbunny as I use those the most.

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