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Jacky in one of her happy moods

JackyFox has several nicknames, HalloweenFox, Jackkers, Jack, or simply Jacky..named after the actual me..cuz she IS me. so meh. She was created in 1998 or so. Long time.. I also have a Zoomorph form.. which is basically a furry minus the hair on top.. i prefer the scruff ^^ She is a Fox Black-Backed Jackal hybrid..but overall fox like..Just that the saddle is on the back, the legs are longer and the ears are taller. She ALWAYS ALWAYS wears the same jewelry as me at the time, and glasses cuz I was practically born with them on. Personality wise is the same as me. Carefree, usually happy, creative, and sometimes gloomy. But overall, a nice person to be around. She is usually in her nonmorph form..(see the pic) and you can check out more of my stuff on ^^

Jacky is (C) of Jacky Gapczynski 2006

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