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"If you want to do physics,

With Izixs,

Know its not gunna be no picnic,

So make sure to rush off to a clinic...

It's all about the Macintosh!

It's all about the Macintosh!"

Now that that is out of the way. Hello, I am Izixs, and this is the page about me.

The Human[edit]

Gender: Male

Origion: Born and raised in Iowa

Skills: Many, but primary focus of Physics, Politics, and certain Video Games

Personality: Easy going, but subtlely calculating

Goal: To make the world a better place

Status: Enjoying the summer, most likely by sleeping

Future: Graduate school for physics

The Fursona[edit]

Name: Izixs

Gender: Male

Species: Anthro-dragon, white with black horns and red hair

Origion: Altnerate Reality (labeled 5th Time)

Skills: Many, but primary focus in having fun and being as geeky as the human

Personality: Easy going, sometimes a little agressive

Goal: To make all the worlds a better place

Status: Stressed as the head of state of a nation on Nation States

Future: Retiring from his job so he can go out and have more fun

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