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Hello, my name is Inumi and I'm a black, red and white wusky half-shadow. My full name is Inumi Darkness but Inumi is shorter and easier to say. I live in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. I speak both French and English. My FA is I'm also a gamer who loves Touhou Project, Undertale, Portal, FNaF and Nintendo games. I am also in a visual novel on Steam, Major\Minor, as Klace's brother. And I appears as a cameo in the comic Weekend 2 that Zeta-Haru is making. I also own own a partial suit named Firestorm. It's the old suit of Canuck aka Foxfear on FA. Nice to meet you all ^~^ --Inumi (talk) 14:42, 2 October 2014 (EDT) Inumi Darkness, the Wolf of the Shadow