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I'm ISD, from, England. I joined WikiFur in June 2006. I am already a member of Wikipedia (Febuary 2006), Wikiquote (April 2006), and Wikinews (August 2007). I suffer from Asperger's Syndrome.

I have had in interest in fur since I was young. I've always been interested in Sonic the Hedgehog and I'm a fan of Rex the Runt. I am interested in webcomics and current affairs in the fandom. I also write articles for The Furtean Times.

I also have a sort of fursona. It is a wolf with grey fur. He is about six foot, wears a long black leather overcoat, which has a slit in it so his long, thick tail can stick out. Around his neck, ankles and wrists are thick, black, studded leather collars. They all have small links of chain, showing that he has escaped some from of repression. He has mixed moods about the past, sometimes he wants to take his anger out on something or someone, and other times we wishes he was restained again. He is simply known as "The Chained Wolf." He is currently writing a book called The Chained Wolf Presents: The History of Humanity - A Somewhat Mildly Amusing Guide to a Now Extinct Species.

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