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    Gubaguy is a mischivious raccoon furry who was born in 1992 in Thunder Bay, 

Ontario. He has been a furry since about 2000. He kept this secret however because he thought that if he told anyone they would treat him more like a freak then they already did. In 2004 he finally discovered that he was not the only person in the world to be this way when he discovered Kanada on TFcentral. At first he thought that finding for furries online would be impossible to do as it took him almost a year just to find one furry. Then he found although originally disliked the sight because he was unable to create an account and he couldn't access it at school.

    When he was unable to get access to FA from school he began to find other 

furry sites such as,, and began to realise that no matter how much he tried to aviod FA he always ended up finding a link to it from all other furry sites. Then he found that Kanada and killy the fox (now named StormDragon Blue) also had accounts on FA and when he finally managed to get an account he warmed up to the site. Within a week of joining he was watching over 50 fellow furs.

    In July 2008 Gubaguy found the anthrocon website and realised that the 

furry comunity was much larger then he had originaly thought (he thought maybe a few hundred furs world wide). He realised that he was one of just over a million furries world wide. Then his entire Furry life came crashing down upon him as his father saw him in his homemade fursuit and demended an explination. although his father had no problems with his "fursona" his mother did.

    His mother had read a book which, right on the cover read the slang of 

americas subcultures, told that all furries do if go around yiffing in thier suits. Gubaguy immidietly went to work to stopping this from him being a furry. although his mother is still isn't comfortable with him being a furry gubaguy doesn't care. In september 2008 for a second time in just under a month his secret got out to his friends. Although this didn't cause any major problems in his friendship but it has given him reason to be more discreet in what he does. He feels that if they tell anyone at school rumors will fly out and he will be utterly destoyed.

    Also in september of 2008 Gubaguy with his friend Zombie_Jesus (after 

gubaguy got him to become a furry) began making a plan to get to anthrocon 2009 regardless of his mothers diasaproval of the con (her main reason for not letting me go is "Its pointless and your not mature enough to go) but she wants me to go to europe for 2 weeks in 09. The plan is actually not very moral but because there is no other way i can go its just the only way to get there.

    The plan is simple we are going to have Zombie_jesus's mother tell my 

parents shes going with us and then we go alone simple as pie.

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