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Graveyard Greg is the author of a number of webcomics, including Gaming Guardians, The Guardians, Powergamers, Carpe Diem, and Furry!. Let's also not forget his newest little contributions to the web, a fantasy humor comic Dungeons & Denizens and a mature slice of life comic called Profiles, which doesn't have a website yet because the author is too lazy to get his web guru pal to activate it. Shame on him!

In real-life, he looks almost exactly like his Gaming Guardians persona - bald, with glasses. He doesn't wear green and white spandex in RL, however (nobody would want to see that. Trust the geekboy). He often attends furry conventions, such as Anthrocon and Further Confusion, in support of the comic-book version of Carpe Diem.

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