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Goldfur shows off to hir admirer. Art by Mayra Boyle

Full title: Chakat Goldfur, child of Longstripe and Desertsand. Shi is a cougar-patterned chakat, and is the alter-ego of the creator of that taur species, Bernard Doove. Goldfur, or Goldie to friends and family, is a first class technician who works for the Star Corps, the non-military arm of the Stellar Services. Shi is lifemated to a red foxtaur tod named Garrek, who is a top-class mechanical engineer. Together they can build or fix nearly anything. Goldfur has had two cubs so far that have been sired by Garrek - Eudora Whitepaw and Tailstalker. Shi is also lifemated to Garrek's sister, Malena, who has borne another cub named Blaze. Shi also has a woltaur bitch denmate who gave hir twins named Greypaw and Stonefur. Greypaw's untimely death has made Goldfur suspicious and bitter towards the "Earth For Humanity" movement that was responsible for the riot that resulted in the cub being beaten to death. Most of the time though, Goldfur is a friendly and generous person, and devoted head of a large chakat household.

Goldfur's human alter ego has built a substantial website detailing the universe of the chakats and their taur cousins, in both art and text. See: The Chakat's Den