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The term 'phenomic freedom', as coined by Asher Wolfstein, refers to the inherent right of an individual to choose what his outward appearance consists of, his phenotype, when presented with the opportunity or resources to do so. This is in contrast to controlled phenomism, another term also coined by ACGLKXH in various furgonomics discussions, which refers to the conglomeration of ideas that lead to the similar conclusion that individuals who wish to change their outward or physical appearance or form are, because of such desire to begin with, unfit to do so. The term applies whether the 'fitness' test is based on a religious objection, a moral objection, a psychiatric evaluation, or any combination of all three.

It is important to note how ACGLKXH uses the concept of an individual's 'inherent right' to define phenomic freedom. In his initial definition man does not have the right to alter his phenotype without having to also carry the burden of that decision, both financially, and socially. In this context freedom is inextricably linked with responsibility. In other words, a man does not have a right to alter his shape and then cause repercussions to come to another individual who insults him based on that decision; as well, simply because the opportunity to change shape exists, an individual does not have a right to make everyone else pay for it.

Of course, since phenomic freedom posits that one has the inherent right to choose one's phenotype, it also has the effect of saying that an individual does not have a right to force a phenotype on another. One can easily see this leads then to the question of what to do about genetically altered germ cells. It is the connection between this last point and phenomic freedom that ACGLKXH has remained silent about so far.