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I found my way to fur fandom several years ago - 2009 or thereabouts. Specifically, I am interested in umamimi and umamusume, though as hybrid beings, not humans in costumes or with props. In that sense, if one considers furry-ness as a spectrum between fully human and fully feral, then I see the various kemono as beings which fall on the spectrum somewhere on the human side of anthros.

Just to clarify - although I've dug into what I think would be the Japanese names for horse-girls, I am by no means a fluent speaker or writer of Japanese, and I'm woefully ignorant of anime and manga. Pretty much all of my experience, such as it is, in the fandom comes from online sources and some things like The Raccoons and the Disney animated Robin Hood.

As far as Wikifur goes, I'm relatively new here as well, and since I don't know enough about the fandom to make useful articles, my contributions for the near future will be largely in the form of spelling & grammar patrol and as a 'welcome wagon' for newcomers.

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Go play in my sandbox!

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