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Welcome to my userpage. If you've seen this account here because I use this username all the time, you're probably surprised I'm a furry. Yeah. Damnit, and now you know that!


  • Name: Dingo (I know, soooooo original.)
  • Animal: Wolf/husky mix

Picture pending... nah, screw it. I'm too lazy to upload one anyway.

Info copied from my FA account[edit]

I have no suit. Not even a partial. Nothing at all. I don't have money either. I have never attended any events. Me being a furry is mostly a secret in RL. I have no idea how I even GOT into the fandom, considering my (lack) of interest in things like anime, art, RPG-style games, you get it... or not. I'm a straight furry. Crazy, I know! I'm lazy. I would have had a piece of artwork up by now but work on it stopped about two months ago. Besides, it's crap. Even so, I'd say I'm more of a pixel artist. My art skills suck. As in I cannot draw. At all. I find yiff disgusting. I hate Photoshop and prefer Microsoft Paint. :-P