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Text Description[edit]

Geemo is an anthropomorphic winged canine. A halfling. A dragon, canine and wolf hybrid.
He appears mostly canine with only a few attributes revealing his draconic heritage. The biggest clues are his rather large wings which extend from thick, toned muscles in his back, near the shoulder blades. The wing members are covered with fine brown fur and the sails are a lighter brown color and leathery like those of a dragon's. He has dark brown fur covering most of his body, with the exception of a large patch of lighter, tan colored fur covering his chest and extending up his neck to his face, down his front flowing down and stopping along his inner thighs. Geemo isn't particularly muscled, but he is noticably toned and athletic. His life keeps this medium-build dracodog in fairly good shape what with flying about, running and other aerobic activities he's regulary engaged in.
Deep brown eyes take in the world through oval-shaped lenses in a pair of black-rimmed spectacles which teter on the edge of his long, blunt snout and give him a fairly scholarly look. Some strands of fur rest on the sides of his face from his temples downward, resembling sideburns. A small patch of dark-colored fur poofs out from between two large ears that, while not quite canine, but not lupine either, lost their defining characteristics in the amalgamation of his parent animals.
He's wearing a dark tan pair of bulgy cargo shorts and a dusty beige t-shirt. He wears no shoes. His long, powerful legs and frame are supported by broad, oversized digitgrade paws. His furry tail is quite long for a canine of stature, flowing from thin and dense where it leaves his backside to thick and almost bushy before it tapers off to a point. He notices you and nods once, flicking his chin up to acknowledge your gaze, apparently friendly!

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