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Hi everyone! I am Gamemaster. I am well known around the hot furspots in Second Life as Gamemaster Carroll. I would LOVE for someone to add to my SL furpage on here for me. I invite anyone to IM me on Second Life and talk to me.

You can read about my real human self in the article Blaze Black

Editing History[edit]

I have edited/created sevral articles like Frankenson Melville, Blaze Black, Gamemaster Carroll, Spike Nico, and Rainbow Tiger Radio.

Allso, see my articles I have edited on wikipedia as User:Gamemaster Carroll. I have created/edited

SMSgt William Hardyand Cypress Springs High School.

I will be doing editing on this page from time to time.

My human
SecondLifeHand.png This user has a Second Life account. Their name is Gamemaster Carroll.
See the article about Gamemaster Carroll. WikiFur User
See the article about Blaze Black. WikiFur User

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